I am a Fool.

Today, a poem/spoken word that I wrote long ago. It is perfectly suited to follow up last week’s post. It is a description of my lifetime of insecurities; many of


So, I got a job at a local restaurant as a seating hostess. There were a few older guys working there who pounced on my fresh meat as soon as

Destroy Yourself

“And, what’s more, this ‘precious’ body, the very same that is hooted and honked at, demeaned both in daily life as well as in every existing form of media, harrassed,


“We are living in a Kardashian world where beauty and booty sell; brains are only secondary.” Black Panther (“BP”) and I began dating over that summer and our only shared

Bad Decisions.

Photo by Dani Mac Photography Without going into too much detail, that same year of college I messed around with a number of other “good Christian guys” and some “not

Don Juanita

I had a couple relationships during the summer before I went away to college, but I never gave myself fully to them in heart or in body. I was a

Blitzkrieg- Part III

Blitzkrieg- Part III During this entire relationship, I remember feeling that my parents seemed pretty cold towards me regarding Blitz. I felt like since they didn’t approve of him, that