The media has been really upsetting me lately. Social media, the news, all of it…. It’s drama and pettiness and offense at every turn. Unless you agree with the loudest masses, you’re “toxic”. Unless you advertise your opinions loudly and brashly, you’re “a part of the problem”. And don’t even think about being a contrarian to the boisterous, “enlightened” zombies sitting comfortably behind their screens, speaking change instead of doing it. That’s just social suicide.

This is about that:


Is just more wasted time

Spent in front of a screen

It’s a false view of your reality

It’s a great way to let the world

Steal your identity 

And you don’t realize

That you’re giving away your soul for free

So let me just suggest to you humbly

That the nature of the soul sucking media

Is trying to sell you a worthless, busted 


One that replaces intellectual validity 

With the shifting tides of of their frivolity

And fickle mentality 

One second they say that you’re a hero

With a purpose and a soul

Then they turn against you maliciously

Judge you meticulously

Questioning your integrity 

And wondering if you are worthy enough

To survive

Or if people who have a different belief than them

Deserve to die.

But we don’t

And neither do they

But this is how they make us feel

Their sentimentality isn’t real

When did disagreement

Start to mean you hate one another?


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