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For Mother’s Day, I honor all women, even those who aren’t mothers in the traditional sense of the word. I wrote this Poem a couple years ago as I struggled with my womanhood and my femininity and tried to sort through the cultural demands and confusions that surround being a woman. I hope you enjoy these words. 



Straighten out your blouse


You are so much more


Than an impeccable house


Your worth isn’t wrapped up


In a flawless complexion




Don’t let the world determine your direction


Because it only accepts perfection


Because it only demands attraction




Don’t give this world the satisfaction!


You are not just a body with an accidental brain


You are equal, but unique


And that is not the same!


Woman! Stop trying to be a man


You were created to give life!


Your body to form another soul


And then thrust it forth into the light!


Don’t take that privilege carelessly


For no man can claim that honor


Every child needs to have a mother


You don’t need to strive to be the father.


And don’t believe the lie that if you’re barren


You’re a failure


Because maybe your womb won’t carry a child


But you still have His favor!




Put away that mirror for a minute and listen well


Vanity, frivolity, quantity over quality


Churned out by the mercenary participants of the polity


They want you to be a feminist


But they say feminine is a dirty word


They think it’s weak


Emotional and incompetent


But maybe that’s all they’ve ever heard




Don’t let your heart be governed by a serpent in the grass


Find a worthy gentleman


With some grace


And compassion


And class


Know that your value isn’t found


Only in your purity


And delight in the knowledge that God made you


A fully sexually passionate being




You are made in His image


And designed for His glory


Given as a partner to the one you’d grow to love


Your life is a miraculous story




Fight the narrative that you aren’t strong


That you aren’t wise


That you don’t belong


For Deborah was a woman


And a prophet


And a judge


And God used Rahab


Also, a woman


No matter who she was


For Esther was a woman


And an emancipator of her people


And God used Hannah


A once barren woman


To raise a prophet


Who’d choose a king


And Miriam was a woman


Who put the lives of her brothers first


And Priscilla was a woman


Who led the early church


For Mary was a woman


And the mother of our Savior


And when God made woman


He said that “it was good”


The moment He first saw her.




You came from the side of a man


Not from his feet so you’re his subordinate


Not from his head so you’re the dominate


But from underneath the protection of his arm


To hold closely


Love dearly


To protect from malicious harm




God chose your body


There is a purpose for your life


Woman! Be who you were born to be


It is in you whom He delights.


This work is copyrighted by Danielle McEntee and not intended for personal use, without permission of the author.


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