In honor of Easter Sunday, here is a Spoken Word I wrote and had the privilege to perform last Easter Sunday. The poem is down below (it differs slightly from the one I shared on stage because there was a line I was encouraged not to share from the platform.

Spoiler alert: that edited line is about being drunk and naked. You can read that part down below. 😉

Happy Easter!


There is a love story greater than anything you’ve ever heard


And it didn’t start the way you’d think; it started with a Word.


You see, God spoke and it came to be


The light, the dark, the land, the sea, all the majestic creatures


He made you, He made me


Such love, an anomaly


Such heartache, to see those He created in His image eat from that forbidden tree


But He loved mankind so much that He gave them more than just a second chance


And when they broke His heart again and again


Instead of washing His hands of their evil


Instead of walking away from their disobedience


He took another path


One that would protect them from His wrath


It was a path of grace and mercy and it was going to grant them liberty


From the sins they would unquestionably choose over Him


Who loved them first


You see, we are all Adam & Eve, deceived


We are all Noah, drunk and laying naked in a tent


We are all Paul, who God had to blind before he would repent


We are all Moses, who struck the rock when he was told to speak


We are all Saul, simply unable to accept defeat 


We are all David, saying “I want that which is not mine!”


We are all Peter, who denied Christ three times


But His Passion Bought our Purity


As He bled upon that tree


Thinking of you and me


Some of us bear our scars internally


Some of us more visibly


But we ought to boldy wear our failures


So that the world will see


That it was His stripes that made us free


And oh, some say that it was reckless


For a God who rules it all


To sacrifice His son, the holy one


For something so weak and small


But God cannot love less


No, a God so powerful and big


Cannot love in any other way than that which He fully is


But Jesus didn’t stop there, hanging lifeless on that cross


The moment his head dropped, Earth felt that loss


This story isn’t over yet, for three days later Mary went


Bringing spices to the dead body of her Savior


The angels clothed in robes of gleaming white


Simply smiled and pronounced: “He is not here”!


“He is not here! No, He is busy ripping the gates of (Sheol/hell) off their hinges!


He is not here! He is busy fulfilling his promises and taking care of business!


He is not here! He is busy conquering the destruction of sin and the grave!


For no tomb is strong enough


No death powerful enough


And no devil wicked enough


To keep our Jesus down!


So why do you look for the living among the dead?


He is not here! He is Risen!”


You see, death is a separation; a splitting of things that ought to be united


But God does not want to see our souls abandoned and corrupted


And our love divided


No, when He spoke the world into being, He thought of you


When He sent a rainbow of promise after the flood, He thought of you


As He knit you well in your mother’s womb He placed a longing in your heart


That only He could fill


When you ran from Him and turned your face


He loved you still


When He sent His son, His perfect son


To suffer for the sins of this imperfect world


He thought of you. And He will not stop chasing, until you think of Him too.









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