“We are living in a Kardashian world where beauty and booty sell; brains are only secondary.”

At the end of the summer, I was ready to head back to LA for my second year of college.

Returning back to school that year was everything I had hoped for and anticipated. The male friends that I had left before summer thinking of me as just a “friend” were soon infatuated with the “new” me. I had lost a ton of weight, I was ultimately more confident in my appearance than I had ever been, and I felt ready for some man-eating. A few of my suitors were uninteresting to me, but I let them pursue me because it was a constant ego boost. Ew! Right? I gross myself out even remembering this stuff!

Let me stop right here.

This has been a pattern in my life, looking back. I start to feel bad about myself because I’m unnoticed by men. Suddenly I become thin and more attractive, and men notice me, then I feel great about myself.

Ladies, this just is NOT right. This is our culture. This is social media, this is Hollywood, this is celebrity, this is everything. If a woman is attractive, she is of great importance despite any other qualities she might have, or lack.

We are living in a Kardashian world where beauty and booty sell; brains are only secondary. I like to think this is changing, but we have to choose to be that change.

We can’t continue to feed the masses what they’re hungry for and expect things to be suddenly different.

That is my PSA for the day. The more you know……(cue music).

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