A Heart Like His


I’m taking a little break, today on this mid-week day, from writing about my past. In fact, revisiting my past reminds me much of a man who I’ve always admired.

King David.

He was imperfect and reckless and made decisions with his heart more often than with his head, and even so, the Bible says that he was “a man after God’s own heart”. That brings me so much hope that even an imperfect person (Lord knows that’s me) can have a deep passion and desire to do right in the eyes of God. David is my BRO. For real. I just GET this guy.

The following is a song I wrote about 8 years ago about King David. It reads like a poem currently, since I don’t have the original musical accompaniment to serenade you with. That being said, I still feel a deep need to share it with you. So, here it is.


Oh youngest son of Jesse

Strong and beautiful

You let a woman tempt you

While your rooms were already full

The claws of bears and lions

The haughty head of a giant

All ten thousand slayed

From Saul you were saved

But that holy bread wasn’t enough

And you became

Greater and greater

She bore you a son

But now do you hate her?

The child has died

Uriah has died

Your child has died

Uriah has died!

When Nathan came to correct you

Calling out your heinous crimes

You cried out in repentance

And shifted the paradigm

And you became

Greater and greater

A man after God’s own heart

But now do you hate her?

Have mercy

Have mercy

Have mercy on me

Oh wash me

Oh wash me

Oh wash me clean

Purge me with hyssop

And I shall be clean

“Cast me not away from your presence!”

Are the prayerful words you spoke

“And take not your Holy Spirit from me”

Are the historic words you wrote

“Restore unto me the Joy of your Salvation”

Was your cry of remorse

“And renew a right spirit within me!”

Set you on an exonerated course

Cast me oh

Cast me oh

Not away

From your presence

I beg you allow me

To stay

And you became

Greater and greater

A man after God’s own heart

Living in the light of His favor.


David went from only desiring Bathsheba to only desiring God. I’ve been there, in a sense, and can relate to the heartache that following my every passion and desire can bring. The many times that I have succumbed to my flesh, I am almost immediately filled with extreme sorrow and repentance. This causes me to turn and run directly into the arms of Jesus. He accepts my repentance and turns me towards the way everlasting. 

If you’ve never read this story, I would love to point you to 2 Samuel 11-12. It not only chronicles the David and Bathsheba affair, but Nathan the prophet’s rebuke of the King’s wrongdoings. What I adore about 2 Samuel 12:13 is how humbly and sincerely David begs for the Lord’s forgiveness of his sinful actions and deeds. Once you’ve read this, take a look at Psalm 51. This was David’s lament and response to his agony as he realized how painfully he had displeased God. I don’t believe we are to see David’s actions as an excuse to  commit adultery and murder….however, it is such a reassurance to know that God is able to forgive the unmentionable sins of our past, present and future. 

*All lyrics are copyrighted and are the personal creative property of Danielle McEntee. They cannot be copied for personal or public use without permission. Thank you 🙂 *







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