Baby Weight does not define me.

I saw this quote today and I shouted AMEN!!!!

In fact, I relate to this so hard I even plastered the quote over one of my own pregnant photos.

So many women have a baby and then immediately feel pressure to lose all of that extra weight.

My goodness, we just CREATED LIFE! Why is there suddenly pressure (from others and ourselves) to look as if we were 18 years old again!?

I could fill a swimming pool with the tears of women who feel ugly and fat after giving birth instead of beautiful and majestic!!!

Can we change this rhetoric? Change these standards? I think we are on the way towards it but it takes acceptance of ourselves in that journey & acceptance of the journey of others.

Your body will never be the same after childbirth. It shouldn’t.

The change tells a story of a life created and nourished.

What’s more beautiful than that?

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