Let’s Get Wild!

Let’s redefine the words “wild” and “rebellious”, especially when it comes to women.

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“Every woman is a rebel, and usually in wild revolt against herself.”

-Oscar Wilde

My goal in writing this blog is not to glorify the sins of my past. My goal in writing this blog is not to brag about how far I’ve come and all I’ve overcome.

So many of the youth I work with say things like, “I wish adults would just be more real” or “I want to hear why I shouldn’t do something instead of just hearing that I shouldn’t do something”.

I understand that to give too much attention to sin is to idolize it and glamourize it, causing some to stumble. I understand, having grown up in the church my entire life, that this blog might eventually offend some and also be a breath of fresh air to others.

I was reminded lately in my prayer time that my name means “God is my judge”. It was His gentle reminder that though I have struggled with worshiping the opinion of others my whole life, I must finally lay down the fear of man and pick up the fear of God.

My sole reason for sharing what I share here is to give God all the glory He deserves (which IS ALL OF IT) by sharing my journey of self-destruction that He so graciously pulled me out of.

I share these words to be transparent for all the young women out there who have, who are and who will struggle in just the same ways that I have. I want them to know they are not alone.

I want them to know that Jesus is the answer.

I want them to know that the mistakes I made were not okay, but that God forgave me and cleansed me. I want them to know that there is redemption in Him, no matter the sin, all we need do is confess, repent and allow Jesus to begin that change to happen within us.

I want my three daughters to know their mother is not perfect. But that their God is.

A friend recently (as kind of a joke) sent me a review for a book called Wild Women, Wild Voices, written by a woman named Judy Reeves. She claims that “in nine out of ten cases, women who are experiencing psychological or spiritual crises are more often than not soul-starved, which means that they do not tap into their essence, or wild side.”

         “When we feel a certain stasis or stillness in our lives, that’s the time for the wild woman to emerge and stir things up. Being wild heals us, and helps get us out of our ruts, and it also facilitates transformation and change. The wild woman carries the medicine needed to get over difficult times with complete and thorough joy.”

Judy Reeves says that the important work of the wild woman involves giving a voice to authentic expression that might be set aside or ignored by others.

“The wild woman honors and even shares her sacred stories so that others can also benefit. Taking chances helps our wild side emerge. Being wild also means being fearless and taking chances, and there’s no doubt that it takes a certain amount of courage to listen to the inner voice and calling of our authentic selves.”

This “authentic self” she is referring to, I believe, is the authentic woman that God created us to be.

Judy Reeves is not a Christian author, but she pinpoints something that all of us can relate to: when we feel stifled or stuck, we often cry out for help.

When our souls are thirsty, it’s God pulling us deeper into relationship with Him. And when that happens, miracles do too. Perhaps for us “wild women”, when we feel stasis in our lives, it’s time to ask God how we can ruffle some feathers for His kingdom.

How we can passionately put our heart fully into something that will breed justice and love and kindness and bring people to Christ.

Wild and rebellious shouldn’t just be signifiers of a 1920’s “flapper” or someone who challenges the status quo merely for a good time or some sense of personal freedom.

Look at Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman, Joan of Arc…just to name a few? These women paved the way for a better life for all women, all people. But, they broke some rules.

To give a shout out to my childhood nostalgia, in all of the Star Wars movies, the Rebel Alliance was a resistance full of the “good guys”. They sought to restore the republic and oppose the reign of the Galactic Empire.

We need to run away from the notion that being a rebel is always a bad thing. If there is wild rebellion in your heart, use it to fight the evil forces, not to run from the good ones.

The Bible is chock full of scriptures that warn against having a heart rebellious against God. This is not the kind of rebellion I’m talking about.

We are called to rebel against the world, against Satan and his mignons.

We are called to rebel against the lustful passions and sinful desires of our wicked hearts.

Some say Jesus was a rebel.

He bucked the status quo, He challenged the religious leaders and all their stifling rules. He did it all for the furthering of the Gospel and glory of God.

Let’s redefine the words “wild” and “rebellious”, especially when it comes to women.

I am writing this blog for all the women in the world who have dealt with, will deal with and are dealing with the struggles of being a sexual being, an exciting and passionate and emotional being who craves change and challenge, while also remaining in God’s will for their life.

I am writing this blog for all the other wild women out there.

I also, in the end, am writing this blog for my wild, rebel daughters.

May they use their rebellion wisely. May their wild hearts lead them closer to that of their Heavenly Father.


  1. Ok!!!
    So I literally read all of it and is too long.
    You are an excellent writer, but you have to edit
    Im noticing that you are defending and explaining yourself…has someone questioned your motive?
    Are you feeling judged?
    Just wondering…
    Love you
    Hope you are celebrated tomorrow-
    You deserve it!!!!

    Annette Ortiz Mata


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