Too Much Woman


Happiest of New Years! I am playing around with my Blog design, so I appreciate your patience with all the changes. I recently switched this photo above with a more basic color palette because I looked at it and thought, “This is just too much woman”!

Hilariously enough, that’s often what I think about myself.

If those are words people use to describe YOU, then I have a feeling this blog will be just what you’ve been waiting for. Let’s be “too much” women. Let’s be EXTRA (in the best way possible). Let’s raise our daughters the same way. Let’s get stuff done. I’m not talking about being obnoxious, I mean let’s love so hard that people can’t even believe we are real.

The most amazing women of God I’ve ever met, like my late mother-in-love Eunie, were in your face, extra, crazy, passionate, smothering battering rams of love. And everyone who knows a woman like that can’t help but adore them. These women usually have something else in common:

They follow the words of Jesus. Why does that matter? Because He said the two most important things in the world were to:

  1. Love God
  2. Love Others

Sometimes love looks like fighting injustice. Sometimes it means offering help to a person desperately in need. Love means that we seek the best for somebody else, rather than always seeking the best for ourselves.

Love also can mean calling out the sin in someone’s life, because sin is the thing that separates us from the ultimate LOVE: God.

In a world full of people who only love themselves, let’s rebel with love.