At His Feet

When I hear someone refer accusingly to another person as a “sinner,” (as if it’s something unique and distinctive, pertaining to only that individual), I honestly can’t help but roll


I recently asked a room full of teenagers: “How many of you would say that your identify is important to you?” Most of them raised their hands. According to recent

What Are We Gonna Do About It?

What Are We Gonna Do About It? There is so much evil in this world. Everywhere you turn, something horrible has happened. People who don’t deserve destruction are dealt it


The media has been really upsetting me lately. Social media, the news, all of it…. It’s drama and pettiness and offense at every turn. Unless you agree with the loudest

Oh, No!

When I’m really appreciative of what someone has done for me, I typically desire to repay them somehow, or at least return the favor in some way, shape or form.